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Appreciation Day, The Super Hero Way

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

This quarter’s Appreciation Day highlights the people in Cooee who have been recognised, nominated, and appreciated by our Cooee-mates for living the Cooee values of authenticity, believing in potential and empathy.

It is where we give the spotlight to the stories of transformation and character strengths of our people through various recognitions such as ‘Walk the Cooee Way’, ‘Optimal Me’ and ‘Spotted on Strength’.

In addition to these awards, we also announce the winner of Quarter 3 House Cup which is vied by 5 Houses namely House Status, House Autonomy, House Certainty, House Relatedness and House Fairness where every Cooee member is a part of. This Appreciation Day is organized at every end of quarter during our Friday Cooee Connects via Zoom where everyone can participate and nominate a particular finalist on each awards.

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