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Celebrating Autograb Team Expertise

Hello from Team Autograb, We're excited to share some insights into our team's remarkable expertise and the valuable contributions we make to Cooee Inc. Our Team's Journey We began as a small team of four, initially tasked with collecting registration numbers via phone calls to car sellers. Over time, we not only expanded our methods but also improved the accuracy of our data collection. Expanding Our Reach As our team grew, so did our responsibilities. We took on the challenge of collecting mobile numbers from sellers, even initiating chats when this crucial information was missing from car posts. Introducing Our Teams Today, we've evolved into three specialized groups:

  • Rego Team: Comprising six members, Rego Team uses VPNs and online conversations to gather mobile numbers from sellers. Our meticulous approach involves cross-referencing car photos and utilizing rego checkers to ensure data accuracy. Quality is our top priority.

  • Catalog Update (Special Task): With a dedicated team of three, we hunt down missing specifications and details of car variants and versions in the AutoGrab system. Our commitment to finding missing pieces of the automotive puzzle drives us.

  • NZ Team: A team of three with more members soon to join, our task is all about meticulously matching car information between the AutoGrab site and trusted references. The time we spend on each task varies based on the complexity of the data matching process.

Beyond Our Roles But we don't stop at our daily tasks. We are a versatile team, and our contributions extend further:

  • Hosting: We're randomly selected for hosting Cooee Connects or Cooeeck Connects events, fostering teamwork and collaboration.

  • COBH (Conversations on Being Human): Some of us have joined COBH, where we are trained as coaches to ensure our fellow agents maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Newsletter Contributors: We took on the challenge of crafting this month's newsletter because Cooee Inc recognizes our potential and we believe in our capabilities.

  • Video Editing Skills: We've even discovered hidden talents in video editing, adding another skill to our repertoire.

Our Diverse Talents Remember, each member of our team possesses a unique set of skills and talents, showcasing our versatility and eagerness to tackle any task that comes our way. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and achievements from Team Autograb. We're here to make a difference, proudly representing Cooee Inc.

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