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Uncovering Top Talent: How A/B Testing Can Optimize Recruitment Marketing Efforts

It's natural for marketers to use their intuition when creating landing pages, email copy, banners, or call-to-action buttons, but this doesn't always lead to the best results. A/B testing is a great way to determine the most effective online marketing strategies for a business, rather than relying solely on gut feelings. This approach can produce better results and prevent detrimental outcomes caused by intuition-based decisions.

A/B testing is a process of evaluating the effectiveness of two different versions of a web page, application, or design by showing them to different users randomly. These versions are labeled as "A" and "B" and their performance is measured by using metrics such as conversion rate or engagement like click-through rate or time spent on the page. The version that performs better is considered the better option and is usually adopted as the final version.

The Cooee Marketing & Creative team utilized the A/B testing method in various projects in 2022, specifically for our goal of discovering talent. This technique helped us determine the most effective banner ads for our hiring ads on various social media platforms. We used this method on Cooee's Facebook ads by creating different versions of banners to identify the messaging and imagery that resonated with potential job candidates. This led to an increase in the click-through rate and more candidates visiting the Cooee Be One of Us Career Page. Additionally, A/B testing also helped us to help the recruitment team by allowing us to test different variations of job ads and application forms to determine which versions are most effective in attracting and converting candidates. For example, we were able to determine which job title or details on the banner would generate the most clicks on a job ad, or which application form fields would deter candidates from applying. We also found that ads showing the benefits of the company and employee reviews received more engagement and clicks. By using data from A/B tests, we were able to identify our next strategy and improve the job title and details on job postings on other platforms, such as Indeed, resulting in the highest rate of onboarding.

Furthermore, A/B testing allows me and Jean to understand what elements of the banner ad are most appealing to potential talents, measure the impact and effectiveness of recruitment campaigns, and make data-driven decisions on how to improve them. By using banner ads to highlight our benefits and values, as a result of A/B testing, we increase and broaden the reach of Cooee brand awareness and recruit top people who share our values and culture.

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