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Whale Logistics Australia try out Pinoy Games

Cooee Inc invades Whale Logistics Australia’s office one Friday afternoon to bring out the Filipino in them as they experience our culture through Food and fun games enjoyed by all. Snacks such as polvoron and ube langka candies have been served on the table while the WHAM Team, headed by Charisse, Ram and Crissy, took over the floor for some Cooee Inc Unplug activities.


Tao? Bagay? Hayop? Lugar?

A game common in any Filipino parties; popularized by TV segment aired in Filipino noontime show ‘EAT BULAGA’. The goal is to correctly guess the word placed at someone’s forehead in two minutes and is played by pair. The guesser must ask a series of questions that the second player can only answer with YES (OO), NO (HINDI) and MAYBE/POSSIBLE (PWEDE) through deductive questions.


A Filipino game popularized by ‘WOWOWIN’ show host, Willie Revillame; the objective is to yell out loud Hephep! While clapping your hands below, and yell Hooray! With your hands up in the air, in that order. If the participant gets confused and makes a mistake, they are out of the game until one person remains.


A word even us Filipinos struggle to say, and what more to when said by Australians? As hard as tongue twisters are in English, it gets more challenging if the word is in a different language. Watch our Aussies in Whale as they hilariously recite complicated Tagalog words for our game Filipino Tongue Twisters

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