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Transforming Through Trust

We build teams and nurture talent. Through offshoring, we help businesses achieve their goals. This belief in the value that partnerships bring, by connecting people and businesses under a common purpose, is why we ventured into offshoring.

To have the opportunity to be a part of another’s transformation – One Person, One Community, One Business at a time – this is what drives us every single day. This is why we do what we do.


Be Authentic

Living our Cooee value of authenticity is about staying true to our own values and purpose especially when it’s hardest. It’s about checking-in to see that our own values and purpose align with that of Cooee’s and if not, putting in the work to find that place of alignment.


Be Empathetic

Living our Cooee value of empathy is about investing in relationships where trust is given rather than earned, where listening leans on curiosity rather than on judgment so that we may discover and appreciate the person we are and the person we can be.


Believe in Potential

Living our Cooee value of believing in potential is about the practice of healthy striving with the understanding that perfection does not exist.

Cooee Connects

It is through ‘Cooee Connects’ that we aspire to connect and reconnect each of us to our innate sense of self, sense of others, and sense of purpose.

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A space to learn from and be inspired by stories of Cooee partners and guests. This is a free-flow conversation with Cooee team members asking questions as one way to step-into the journey that others have taken and the wisdom they’ve gained along the way.

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A space to express gratitude and appreciation for relationships. This is one story told from two perspectives about one relationship and its power to transform. An opportunity to walk in the shoes of a Cooee Coach and Coachee on their journey towards self-discovery.


A space to spark healthy competition and collective striving. Five houses representing Cooee’s Three values – Be Authentic, Be Empathetic and Believe in Potential. Each house competing and engaging in creative and fun games for the honor of winning the Cooee House Cup.


A space to foster connection and belongingness. Every Nooee introducing their ‘best selves’ through a ‘Self-Reflective Title’ and sharing the stories behind it. In this way, Cooee team members are better placed to support each other in being our ‘Self Reflective Titles’ especially when difficult.


People Reviews

"I am so thankful to be a part of Cooee. They helped me on my journey and enhance not just my skills but also my values. Employee engagement is commendable and I honestly has never felt more welcome on a company same as with Cooee. More Power to an awesome place I call my second home!

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