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People Engagement

It is through ‘Cooee Connects’ that we aspire to connect and reconnect each of us to our innate sense of self, sense of others, and sense of purpose.


Walk the Cooee Way

‘Walk the Cooee Way’ award is an invitation to and a celebration of living our Cooee values…

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Optimal Me

Our ‘Optimal Me’ award celebrates a Cooee Coaching relationship that has made inroads in a Cooee Coachee’s journey towards sustainable behavioral change.

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House Cup Competition

A space to spark healthy competition and collective striving. Six houses representing Cooee’s Three values – Be Authentic, Be Empathetic and Believe in Potential.


Spotted on Strength

In Cooee, we recognise our biased nature and look to pair this awareness with the practice of appreciating others through ‘Spotted on Strength’.

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