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Cooee Journey by Dimple Robles

My name is Dimple, and I am working for Cooee Inc. for almost five years now. My career jumpstarted when I was on the hunt for opportunities, I applied to work for a few companies and Cooee Inc. was the first one to reach out.

My first role in Cooee Inc. was an Accounts Payable Analyst, which introduced me to the first client, Whale Logistics Australia. Since then, I have been in countless endeavors launched by Cooee, such as being given an opportunity in Accounts Receivable, deployed to Australia for various role trainings, Mindfulness sessions, Intentions and Personal Improvement coaching, and more.

Being in Cooee Inc. has helped me improve both professionally and personally. Because of the countless opportunities that Cooee has, I am able to demonstrate my skills and be given insights on how to further improve. Cooee always sees potential in people and nurtures them to grow into being the best version of themselves. This is one of the values that we uphold and continue to impart to people to help both the clients and our employees to be our optimal selves.

I would like to acknowledge and give thanks to Cooee Inc., its management, and my colleagues, for collectively contributing opportunities in my professional and personal life and shaping me to be the optimal version of myself, but we all know that this is a continuous journey, and we will continue to traverse the roads of life for this purpose.

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