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Server hack prevention using Malwarebytes

Updated: 6 days ago

Great IT services are necessary to keep our operations running at peak performance. Our IT Team manages various tasks and one of these daily activities is to check the latest IT trends related to our software.

Server Hack Prevention

This allows us to be abreast of the recent technology and development. While doing this task, we caught several news where we were encouraged to safeguard our network and asset.

Although Cooee has their own antivirus software, the Windows Defender Antivirus, some cases of virus such as this server breach, requires a greater amount of security to remove. Our immediate response to this is to perform a monthly health check on all our devices for a server hack prevention.

This monthly PC health checkup inspects for any security vulnerabilities, removal of unnecessary applications, increases system performance, and helps protect your network and resource’s privacy as well. Doing this brings us up-to-date information on your device well-being, thus, helping us take steps to enhance our device performance and troubleshoot performance difficulties. Included in the pc health inspection is scanning using Malwarebytes. This application is employed to detect unknown viruses and hackers who wants to steal the company’s credential files.

Before, our IT team would schedule a session with each of us to perform health PC checkups and scan. But we are now moving into a self-service state where everyone is encouraged to perform a timely scan on their devices and provide a screenshot once done. In doing so, we eliminate the need to schedule individual meetings for the device scan, thus, we can be more efficient and focused on our productivity

To help facilitate this, our team has provided a way to schedule the scanning of your device, enabling the Malwarebytes app to automatically open and all you have to do is to press the Scan button to start the health checkup on your device.

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