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The Impossible was made Possible

The success of this project benefits not only the team XCommercial - but also the whole Cooee, especially our Leads Jp and Meiko. Looking back, when we first began this project, we had no idea what would happen. We thought we would be working on the estimated number we have but later discovered that we would be working on contacts that are beyond our estimation. It is a challenge but thanks to our Imagineer team Hans and Oden; without their help we would not have been able to complete that task. And we felt that working here in Cooee, this project was one of the crucial and complicated ones but also this has been one of the greatest accomplishments we have had here in Cooee.

We are grateful to the team who figured out the best ways and strategies to complete this project. There have been instances when we have been unsure of what to do next. The support of the management and our workmates is really appreciated. That’s why we’re very thankful to everyone and to our clients for their long patience and understanding. To our managers for the support they are giving us, for believing in the potential we have. To our workmates for always reminding us that we’re doing our best. And, to Meiko since day 1 of the project, the nonstop support she has given us is remarkable, she remained committed to us. She is constantly there to hold and motivate us. Which gives us more courage and wisdom to work persistently to complete this task. From how to do it, up to finally we did it.

I think having a team like here in Cooee really motivates us to do more, to aim more. Leads who are always there to guide us, to correct us, leading us. This achievement of ours is the achievement of all. Many thanks to those people who have been part of this project. Failure is the best teacher, and I think the failures we encountered here will hone us to do better in the future. Intentionality makes a difference, doing this with passion and giving your heart, makes the work more worthwhile. The impossible was made possible because of the person’s involvement, there is no I in the team – that makes the Cooee team more exceptional. Cheers!

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