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A Beautiful Chaos

With a degree of Bachelor of Science in Management of Financial Institution, I started my career in the BPO industry. I worked for a Financial Services Company as a process owner. My responsibilities include ensuring deliverables are submitted on time, management meetings and speaking with company directors. Not to mention coordination, problem solving, process improvements, and risk management which were also part of the daily grind. I was able to unlock my strengths and explore what I really want to achieve as I rose to the ranks during this period.

A few years ago, an opportunity came knocking at the door. Knowing that I will be working with my former bosses Kris and Pia, I decided to join Cooee, Inc. It was a small group back then as I remember delightfully introducing myself to everyone. I am proud to say that we have grown tremendously despite of the global pandemic.

As someone with work experience, I was confident that I would be able to perform my tasks easily. I must admit that I was quite surprised with the expectations. I realized that Cooee was in the other end of the spectrum. Suddenly I was managing my own team, directly speaking with stakeholders and business owners. Yes, that includes hiring, training, coaching of individuals, and a lot of decision making on my part. Unlike in my previous company, I was solely responsible for myself and to my boss.

I would say it’s a beautiful chaos. Not because it’s a mess but because Cooee has brought out the best in me when facing challenges. These pushed me even further to think outside the box and veer away from my comfort zone. As a result, it gave me a new perspective and a broader definition of leadership and work-life balance.

Staying committed, making initiatives, working with unique individuals, and honing their skills are now 2nd nature. Learning objectively rather than reprimanding maximizes their potential. Achieving their goals through these values guarantee the company’s success. It also gives me joy knowing that the value I share are carried beyond the walls of Cooee. This is my work culture which I promote with everyone.

Cooee is an extension of my life. The values that were instilled by my parents when I was growing up are the same as the company’s principles.

My success is not only measured through numbers but most importantly seeing a person’s growth and transformation. Thinking that one day, I will be able to see and happily listen to their success stories. Realizing as well that I have contributed to both the company and society.

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