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A Night to Connect

Have you imagined yourself working in a company without a single person to encourage you, and believe in your potential?

I am certain that a company plays an important role in our journey as professionals. By saying "company" I meant our boss, manager, and colleagues. A group of people who provide practical and emotional support is important to our day-to-day life because sometimes too much work pressure can make our minds rigid.

Face-to-face bonding such as team fostering was a good idea, especially after a long time of just meeting the team virtually. It was a great night to be connected with them and finally met some of my teammates for the first time like Loraine. We all had quality time together, we had our dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant, had a quick yet humorous karaoke night, and watched a suspenseful horror movie. These are just simple things that we can experience any time. But one thing I realized, it's not about the place and the time that makes a moment count, it is the people you spend it with. The humorous vibe of everyone made it unforgettable.

Spending a short time with them I found out that regardless of age, everyone still has its "kulit (mischievous) side" , from Jackie the youngest in the team up to our beautiful and sweet big sisters, like Roslyn, Meiko, and Joane. I cannot imagine that night without their presence. And I believe to keep the team to stick together we just need to keep it a bit more fun.

To the team, thank you so much for a wonderful and well-spent team bonding, and of course, thank you Cooee for valuing connections within the team and making this team fostering possible.

Lastly, to answer my question, have I ever imagined myself working in a company with no one encouraging me? Of course not, but this company where I am now is the company where I feel that I am encouraged, nurtured, and valued.

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