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A Step Towards A Secure Communication

Phishing is one of the most well-known cyber attacks that companies are fighting against now and then. It is one of the attacks that continues to evolve being on par with how cyber security companies prevent them and help people be aware of them

This is one of the motivations that Cooee took in to work on and upgrade our communication platforms, especially our email environment. Cooee has recently migrated from cPanel hosted by a third party IT solutions provider to Google Workspace with these considerations in mind to strengthen our email security and to completely own the environment in which these emails come and go through.

We have successfully migrated our data between these two platforms to continue being on top with cyber security. We have discontinued our previous domain, along with every email that is under it and has seamlessly transferred to If you would like to connect and learn more about us and our new domain and email, please go to our new website and connect with us at

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