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Bluetongue International wins small business champion award!

On Friday 12th April, our CEO Kris had the honour of attending the Australian Small Business Champion Awards at the Star Casino in Sydney. Spread over 2 nights, the awards are the flagship program for recognising small business in Australia. Proudly sitting alongside the Bluetongue team whom Cooee have been partnered with for 5 years, the table erupted when Bluetongue was announced as the 2024 Australian small business champion in the transport and logistics category.

‘It’s been a great journey with the Bluetongue team’ said Kris. ‘When they started their offshore journey, they were a team of 4 in Sydney. They are now triple that with teams across Australia and of course, the Philippines. It just goes to show the power of the model and the incredible opportunity for small to medium-sized businesses’.

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