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Honoring Filipino Language Preserve Cultural Identity

The Filipino language, commonly referred to as "Wikang Pambansa," serves as the national language of the Philippines. It is primarily derived from Tagalog, the language spoken in Metro Manila, the country's capital region. Buwan ng Wika is an annual celebration that seeks to emphasize the importance of the Filipino language in fostering connections among Filipinos from different regions and uniting them through a shared linguistic identity.

By performing these small yet significant acts, we can show respect for the Filipino language and share our culture and identity with others. Supporting local literature is another way to honor the Filipino language. Reading and purchasing books written in Filipino not only help safeguard the language but also support Filipino authors and publishers. We can encourage our friends, family, and colleagues to read Filipino literature and share our favorite works with them.

Lastly, we can learn and teach Filipino to others. Regardless of whether we are Filipinos living in the Philippines or abroad, learning and teaching our language is a powerful way to honor and protect it. By teaching others, we ensure the continuity of the language and pass it on to future generations.

Here is my personal experience as an Operations Analyst while working with Bluetongue, our Australian client. We have a daily huddle where, before discussing business, we mostly talk about the weather and sometimes sports. The conversation always begins with checking in on each other. As the conversation starts, I greet them with a warm "Magandang umaga, Team! Kumusta kayo?" As expected, they are surprised by my greeting and ask me about the meaning of the words I used. I take this opportunity to explain, and they appreciate it and try to memorize the words. Now, they are familiar with and can say some Filipino words such as "Maaraw" (Sunny), "Maulan" (Rainy), and the days of the week, with "Biyernes" (Friday) being their favorite day.

We can promote and incorporate the Filipino language and culture into our conversations with clients, as our company believes it fosters a deeper connection and understanding between us and our valued partners. It can start with a simple daily conversation starter with the clients, whether it's about a sport, a Filipino food, tourist spots, or anything under the sun.

Honoring the Filipino language is crucial for the preservation of our cultural identity. We can promote its usage, support local literature, attend cultural events, and learn and teach Filipino to others. These actions not only demonstrate our love and pride for our language but also contribute to its growth and preservation.

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