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A Woman’s Rejection Turned into Redirection (A Story of Transformation through Coaching)

Before I entered Cooee, I worked at our local church here in our area for 10 months. That’s my next job after my 3 years of work in Alabang. Both jobs are in finance. I left my job in Alabang because they too experienced the struggle caused by the pandemic and couldn’t support us full time. They really struggled financially.

And then our local church, where I am a volunteer, offered me a full-time job. I grabbed it because I’m already comfortable with the work place since I am a volunteer there, and working full time in a ministry is one of my dreams.

But then something happened, and I had to let go of that job. It’s too personal and really painful, but during that time, I guess, letting go of it is the best thing to do. And so I did.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the word IKIGAI. One of my friends shared this word with me when she read the book "Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life". Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means your 'reason for being. ' 'Iki' in Japanese means 'life,' and 'gai' describes value or worth. Your ikigai is your life purpose or your bliss. It's what brings you joy and inspires you to get out of bed every day.

So why did I mention that?

My previous work in the church — I considered it my Ikigai. But I have to let it go and move on. You know, when you meet someone and hope that He/She is the one but ends up brokenhearted— this same kind of feeling!

During that time I chose to just move on, and honestly, I prayed for a place where I could see my Ikigai. I don’t know, but maybe I’m just in this season of my life where money can’t buy my happiness anymore. And what matters most is living my purpose in life.

At that time I felt hopeless, but then I remembered one night what Catriona mentioned before during her final walk at Miss Universe: "And on your path, you are never denied but only redirected." These are the words that I’m holding on to during those times. I can sense that 2022 is my year of redirection.

Then, to cut the long story short, I passed the interview here at Cooee and got hired.

So before I entered Cooee, I was uncertain of everything, like literally uncertain because I’m so out of my comfort zone. I always tell this to my coach and my manager: "I never imagined working in Makati because I hate traffic. I also never imagined myself working in a BPO company because of the shifting schedules.

But then I realized that when you are meant for that palace, for that position, or for that thing, everything will fall into their right places.

“So I’m kind of worried about where I am now” – these are my exact thoughts during my first day here in Cooee, but I am also excited about what's ahead of me.

I was worried and nervous because I just wanted to stay in my comfort zone during those pandemic years. I even don’t know if I can still interact with a total stranger; it was like my confidence flew miles away.

Also, since I declared that 2022 is my year of redirection, I honestly don’t know where to start. I have to admit that everything is new to me, and I have to face them all one at a time, but I don’t know where to start.

But then the coaching session came, and it’s very active in Cooee. So the first time I heard of it, I was so excited because this is new to me, especially in a company. Also, I felt like I needed it to unload or share some of my thoughts, intentions, and goals, professionally or personally, and also to share my struggles. I’m the kind of person who wants to talk about life and experiences in a small group, so I’m so happy to know about this coaching session. Also, I believe that we have so many issues in our lives that need to be addressed. And I want to thank my coach for letting me disturb or bug her.

I mentioned that 2022 is my year of redirection, and this coaching session helped me cope with this. I’m not familiar with the BPO set-up, and I’m not a morning person, so waking up earlier than 5 a.m. is really difficult for me. This is also my first time handling a foreign account, so I’m not that confident talking to them or working with them.

But since coaching sessions here in Cooee are very holistic (the approach), my coach and I are able to discuss my intentions, not just in my professional life but also in my personal life. It feels like I found my accountability partner with my goals, someone who can check where I am with my goals or my intentions.

Another good thing about coaching sessions is that they will rearrange your thoughts. Every time I shared with my coach, I would realize that my thoughts were not that clear. Then we will work out together how to rearrange my thoughts and emotions. So every time a problem would come, I would just calm myself first and face all of them one at a time.

Going back to today, 2023, I can see a lot of improvement, but I also still have a lot to work on, like now that our intention is all about self-growth and improvement. And I’m happy that I have a venue, a platform to discuss it, and to set some realistic and measurable action points. I’m also happy to share that, as of now, I am also coaching some people here; I can clearly see my purpose now, which is to be part of other people's transformations, as I am also in the process of my own.

All in all, I’m really so grateful that I’m in a place that will help me grow in all aspects; indeed, redirection is real. Despite all the chaos before, I was redirected here. Remember the word Ikigai? I’m grateful that I can feel it here in Cooee.

To all the women out there, take heart if you face a lot of challenges, or worse, rejection. In due time, you will realize that it’s for your redirection—to another place, for other people, living your purpose, and for your transformation.

Again –Be strong. Take courage. Live purposely. Transform.

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