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Alongside with NPM

When I was asked how my working experience with NPM is, I remember this famous adage: “Hard work spotlights the character of people.” To explain that hard work shows the character of people through their reactions, how they respond to it, and how they get the task done. It is all about character and letting people know what you are willing to do, and what you can be counted on to do.

Working as a Maintenance Coordinator in NPM everything is relatively new to me, and I had to learn everything from scratch. Aside from that, my thoughts circled into one question: “How will I be able to establish a rapport when the team is miles away from me?” With this, I decided that to establish a good rapport, I need to be transparent and lay everything on the table. I let them know what I can do and cannot do, be vocal when I am having a hard time, and reach out when I need help.

Luckily, upon getting to know them, it all turns out natural. We are having conversations like we are only a desk away, not the latter. They made sure to have me involved in all the things that I need to know and taught me everything that I need to understand. And since day one, they have been very understanding and patient with me – especially on those days when I’m still grasping the situation and making a LOT of mistakes. And speaking of mistakes, not even once did they scold me for doing so. They never failed to assure me that it is okay, and everything is fixable.

Oh, and before I forgot, they are the sweetest and the most appreciative people I have met. In addition to this, can you believe that they are present on special occasions in my life? They go extra miles by sending me gifts and their regards that constantly make me feel valued and truly part of the team.

The list goes on and on that, I may spend the whole day writing. But to sum it all up, it was a joy working with them that my old self would be surprised that I am enjoying what I do – as I never imagined I would be working in front of the computer all day.

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