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Breaking through Obstacles: Thinking as One, Thriving as All

Auto Grab started at Cooee about a year ago. By then, we were only a few and focused on a single task. As time goes by, growth has been adequately fast. Along with growth are obstacles and challenges in different aspects, mainly on how the process can possibly improve the more efficient and effective it could be. Each of us is expected to reach the daily target KPI. It was challenging. Our ways were limited, and the output was sometimes unpredictable. But just like the other, there’s always an obstacle when handling it for the first time.

We were fortunate to work with a friendly and open-minded client who gave us the flexibility to discover, they inspired us to improve in all ways. The team never settled for what is just expected. We conducted extensive research, trials, and collaborations with other departments. We also solicited opinions from higher-ups, and eventually submitted a proposal to our client. Thankfully, with everyone's participation and rigorous research, we developed a process that made our work easier, more productive, more efficient. The plan was approved by both management and our client. The team was thrilled to apply and explore a smarter and helpful approach. We also managed to proactively increase our daily KPI. To discover things that allow us to be more productive while making our clients pleased is indeed a breakthrough. We consider problems as opportunities to grow, and we continue to seek new discoveries as we strive for progress and betterment.

Workplace challenges are inevitable, but they can be effectively addressed with the right strategies and a proactive mindset. By promoting open communication, nurturing a culture of learning and inclusion, and addressing specific challenges head-on, organizations can create a more resilient and productive workforce. Remember that overcoming workplace challenges is an ongoing process that requires dedication and adaptability, but the rewards in terms of personal and professional growth are well worth the effort.

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