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In Cooee Inc., we always make it a point to go back to our Why – to have the opportunity to be a part of another’s transformation – one person, one community, one business at a time.

Walk the Cooee Way Q1 2022 Winners

I am beyond blessed and humbled to be named WALK THE COOEE WAY WINNER for Q1. Having a title is always a great moment especially for me. This is my first time to be awarded or to have a title. At first, I am hesitant to accept that I won this title as I thought “WALK THE COOEE WAY”, means you lived the Cooee values perfectly. I realized; this is not because I have lived the values perfectly, but this is because I am slowly learning how to. Little by little, I learn the Cooee values and without me knowing that I am already living that way.

I do really love the concept of someone is nominating you and writing narratives about you because it just shows that someone appreciated you. Someone sees changes and transformation in you. And for me, the greatest award is the appreciation of the people.

I believe that every one of us can be part of every one’s transformation by being authentic – staying true to our own value and ourselves. By being empathetic, to continue listening without judgment and with curiosity. To continue putting ourselves in each other’s shoes. And, by believing in potential, not only on our self but also in others. I am grateful that I am part of paving the way for transformation.

Spotted on Strength April 2022 Winners

Become: Spotted on Strength

The Conversation on Being Human (COBH) program has greatly reminded us to always become mindful through our daily routines and with our conversation with others.

To exercise my focus, I have built a few habits over time and those include – prayer and thanksgiving to start the day and sometimes, wrapping it up with words of appreciation to our colleagues by sharing narratives of the people we want to thank for on that day or that week in the “Spotted on Strength (SOS)” space.

I am sharing this commitment to others in the hope that everyone will also ‘feel good’ the way that I do every time we share these kind words to our dear colleagues. This space is a great venue to show our gratitude, love, and kindness to whomever and wherever.

Charisse Pacres – April 2022, Most Number of Strengths Spotted

House Cup Q1 2022 Winner

House Status: Cooee House Cup Competition Winner Quarter 1 of 2022

I would like to express my gratitude to Cooee for having this brilliant idea- “HOUSE CUP”, A platform to connect and to work as a team outside work-related matters. I’m just proud of them nailing the title as the HOUSE CUP winner for Q1, of course we have faced challenges during the whole quarter, and most of that was the schedule to some of the members, because there are times we called “Busy day” and “End of month” we are always the least when it comes to the attendance points but, as I believe that there's always beauty in everything, this one counts and the thing is that they make sure to at least contribute to things they can and/or make up on the other time so that the team will not function as there was missing part. Every little contribution counts. That’s how we work as a team.

I’m just grateful that from this experience I learned how to be more responsible as team Lead and I became more empathetic to people in the workplace. And I just want to share this quotation from Bonnie Blair, “Winning doesn’t always mean being first, Winning means you are doing better than you’ve ever done before.”

Mary Grace Lopez- House Status Headmistress, April 2022

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