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Cooee Inc. Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion Through Language

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

We gather here to celebrate the thriving spirit of inclusivity at Cooee Inc. Our focus is centered on how language, despite our diverse locations across the Philippines, unites us instead of dividing us. With a sense of pride, we share stories that bring to light the richness of communication within our organization.

Embracing Language Diversity

Within the realm of Cooee Inc., language never acts as a barrier to our conversations. We are eager to showcase our dedication to inclusivity. The diverse locations of our team members across the Philippines serve as strengths, rather than barriers. From Luzon to Mindanao and all the spaces in between, our linguistic diversity stands as a testament to the very diversity that strengthens us.

Understanding Through Words

I am based in Northern Mindanao and communicate in Bisaya. However, I am fluent in both Tagalog and English. During meetings and unplug sessions, these languages become our vehicles of communication. On occasion, I find myself searching for the right word in English or Tagalog. Nonetheless, my co-workers consistently step in, translating to ensure that everyone comprehends. This lively exchange of languages fosters not only understanding but also showcases our willingness to support one another.

Learning and Forging Connections

Through language, we not only learn but also build bonds. Our differences do not confine us; instead, we embrace and celebrate them. Our remote work setup keeps us connected, despite our geographical dispersion. Every interaction serves as an opportunity to refine our linguistic skills and broaden our cultural horizons. This journey of continuous learning fuels our sense of connection.

Unity Amid Diverse Backgrounds

Cooee Inc. thrives with the participation of hundreds of employees hailing from diverse corners of the Philippines. While our dialects differ, harmony prevails. We hold each other's languages and cultures in high regard and respect, creating a seamless work environment. This unity amidst diversity defines our work culture and underscores that language can bridge gaps, foster empathy, and enhance collaboration.

Strength in Togetherness

Distance does not erode our unity. As we work from our homes, the strength of our team shines through. Our shared objectives transcend any gaps, reinforcing the beauty of collaboration. The challenges associated with remote work have only emphasized our commitment to one another. Together, we navigate the intricacies of language and communication, emerging even stronger with each passing day.

Embracing diversity and overcoming language barriers is what truly sets Cooee Inc. apart as an exceptional and united community.

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