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Cooee Journey by Kim Metran

I am always excited to tell stories on how I became part of Cooee. I remember, we were just around twenty people in a small office space 3 years ago. Being in Cooee for 3 years has taught me a lot of things.

Looking back, I am astounded on how I transformed. As an intovert person, I found my safe place here in Cooee. This company prioritizes the growth of the employees, when I say growth, it’s not just about the career growth, but more importantly, the personal growth. This company encourage the employees to become their optimal selves through the coaching sessions with the support from the coaches and of course, Kris and Pia.

My journey in Cooee would not be this wonderful if I did not become a part of my team — Whale team. Starting from my teammates, whom I felt the trust and support from the very start up to the client who are also very supportive and motivates me to do my best in every given tasks. I can still vividly remember how they welcome us when we visited Sydney last 2019. I am always humbled by the trust that the team is giving me. Being in my position who supports in managing the team, I can always feel my value and purpose whenever I am at work.

In this hard time of pandemic, I appreciate Cooee and the clients, especially Whale for allowing us to work remotely. It really shows their care about the employees’ welfare. When I talk about Cooee, I always found myself talking about how welcoming my colleagues and clients are. Although we are working remotely, I also appreciate the effort of the company to stay connected through the Cooee Connects series every Friday. The company indeed values that every conversation counts.

To sum it up, being grateful is just an understatement. For me, Cooee is more than just a company, it is a family. It feels surreal how the company has grown into a larger group. I can say that it was such a humble beginning. I always wish Cooee and all the employees the best. I am continuously learning day by day and together, we will become part of each transformation — one person, one community, one business at a time.

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