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COOEE’s David and Goliath: When the Fewest Became the Greatest

Many people arrived at the venue, yet the bracelets with our logo seemed untouched, showing how few of us there were. Of course, we felt nervous then but did not let this feeling overpower us. Before the event started, we conditioned our minds to focus on one goal – to have fun.

The event started with the battle cry competition. Each house showed their battle spirit through their cheers. For us, House Status, this was the most important part of team building as it reflected how dedicated each member was. We truly embodied these parts of our cheer (credits to Kendall and friends):

“We have no fear,

this is our year

Our game is fierce,

'cause we are here

Boys: We laugh, (with emotions)

Girls: We cry, (with emotions)

All: We all say hi

We'll score the points

We'll win this fight.”

“Boys: Pagdating sa Laban,

Girls: di papatalo

Boys: Aabante,

Girls: Susugod,

All: lahat ay sasabak

Laban ng isa ay laban ng lahat

Ganyan kami, ang grupong matatag..."

Yes, we indeed had no fear despite knowing that we needed to join all the games without any substitutions. Our game was fierce as every house we competed with truly gave their best, starting with the Walk the Talk and Trust the Talk competition. This game tested our trust in each other as one member, called "the leader," needed to walk through a path with scattered bowling pins while being blindfolded. It also tested each leader's ability to guide their members. I guess our house won because our leader, Ms. Meiko, and the team gave a level of trust more than the game required us to give.

Next up was the Puzzled Step game, where our strategy, balance, and attentiveness were tested. This game made us realize something; you could only ace it if you planned and strategized how you and your members would be able to maximize the distance of the puzzle piece you could step on while considering the minimum pressure you could give to the next person who would step on it. It was truly a game of knowing your ability and your team's capability.

Endurance, flexibility, and the team’s effort to stay connected with each member were tested by the Manhole Ring Competition. We aced this one by allowing ourselves to match a certain pattern – where tall and short people should be placed alternately for the ring to pass smoothly. This game also showed us the importance of giving your best and trusting your leader's decision as to where you will be placed.

The Human Wheel competition tested each house participant's strength and speed. This game showed us the importance of going on even when the team is under pressure. The key to winning this game was to think and act as one, as the weight of the rubber sheet should be distributed equally. Listening to your leader played a significant role since they were the only ones who could see what lay ahead.

There was a quick shift when the Balloon Floating competition started. From the battle of strength to the battle of focus. This game required each member's sense of ownership and unity. The winning team's secret was to have enough confidence to own and toss the balloon nearest to you. It can reflect real life; imagine a project has been given to your group, but none of you is confident enough to share ideas – what do you think will happen?

The value of trust-giving, the power of believing, the help of strategizing, and the importance of having a sense of ownership led our house to win the team building. House Status really showed that sometimes it is not about how many members you have, but how connected you are.

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