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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Living

by Bryan Infortuno and Bree Gaguis

As professionals, we tend to focus oftentimes on our jobs such as accomplishing our daily tasks, attending important meetings, and attaining the expectations of our clients or partners. We are too busy with our lives to the point that sometimes, we are already forgetting to prioritize our health. Good thing we have Go Transform to remind us to take care of ourselves not just physically but also mentally. This initiative of Cooee only proves that the company also cares for the well-being of its employees.

One of the components of Go Transform is the Go Active where we conduct several activities to make ourselves physically active such as home work out, 10-minute cardio blast exercise, and zumba. There are also Go O'clock meetings to have some catching up and sharing of ideas and activities that we do personally that we can also adopt to our next sessions. We have also spearheaded Cooee Connects' Go Transform Series which highlighted the transformation journey of some of our members.

Stress and exhaustion may happen to some in a workplace especially if there are challenges to overcome. In order to cope up with these, we should not forget to unplug and unwind. Regular physical activity has also been reported to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and increase self-esteem. Although the mind and body are often viewed as being separate, mental and physical health are actually closely related. This is just a gentle reminder for all of us that our health must be one of our top priorities.

As someone who prioritizes mental wellness, the challenges and activities in GoActive, such as doing simple exercises and keeping track of our process to hit our goals, benefited me not just physically but also mentally and pushed me to become a better version of myself. It has also changed some of my life perspectives because you will discover yourself more by simply walking every day and practicing mindfulness. Being physically active boosts productivity; hence, I can say that my work performance has also improved.

As a Nooee, my experience so far with Go Active is truly remarkable and I am looking forward to more activities in the future for us to achieve our common goal which is to be active and to be healthy.

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