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Earth Day 2023: Go Active Journey

Hi, I am RENZ DERICK PEÑANO, member of the Go Active program at Cooee Inc. I want to share with you my daily activity on how I enjoy and at the same time contribute to this program.

My first week my goal is to reach 20k steps. I started to walk after my shift to nearby parks. I started 5k on my first day and added another 2k the next day until I reached 20k plus steps.

For my second week we add another 10k steps and another exercise which is riding a bike. Same as my first week I started 5k steps and 10 km for biking. But I changed my routine, by exercising at night. First, I rode a bike to good spots like the famous churches here in my hometown Barasoain Church and Malolos Cathedral. They are so beautiful at night. Then I go to nearby parks where I jog and walk to cool down. And of course, I would need to ride my bike once again to go home.

For my third week the same as previous weeks but now with a minimum of 10k steps per day and 10 km for biking. To make it more interesting, I spent one Saturday morning riding my bike from Lugam Malolos, Bulacan to Consuelo, Pampanga with a distance of around 70 km. Though it was not my first time to ride my bike this far--the last time was November 2022, it still makes me feel excited and amazed by the scenery especially when I get to see the sunrise and the mountain view.

I continuously do the 5k – 10k steps a day. This activity does not only help me to be fit and healthy, but it also gives me a chance to enjoy, breathe fresh air and travel for free.

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