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Earth Day 2023: Preparing yourself outdoors

Essential Hiking 101 Tips

Everyday is Earth day.

For me, taking a trip somewhere - just enjoying the greenery, the sun, the smell of earth, embarking on a quiet adventure, is a way to celebrate Earth day.

I hike not only to take a break from work and busy city life but also my healthy way of unplugging and calming my mind and body. There are a lot of benefits we can get through hiking than just beautiful memories. And of course, it is that greatest goal for the day - reaching the summit or the peak of the mountain and the meaningful adventure in between.

I have been to a lot of mountains and trails here and there. On each journey, I often see to it that I take with me the basics and tips I have learned and I needed to do since the day I started hiking. From minor to major climbs, there are a lot of must-do or must-haves before you set your foot on the trail. For a beginner hiker, it is important that you do your research before planning to take the trail to prepare on the gears, equipment or essentials you need to bring in your backpack.

Here are the basics I would like to share:

Choose the right hike

Know the trail before you plan your adventure. If coming with a family and friends, I make sure that the mountain is beginner friendly, has a water source and can be hiked on a few hours only.

There might be first time hikers or a non hiker at all in the group and we need to consider everyone's pace before deciding which path to take.

To check, there are a lot of information in the internet, or you may check with a reliable organiser before joining in a group event. Organisers can also guide you on the trail class and the necessary things you need to pack before heading out.

Check the weather ahead

Hiking on a dry or summer season is the best experience, for me. On minor trails and day hike, we get to enjoy the scenery under the sun or soak on a river stream after consuming a packed lunch with everyone from your lightweight backpack.

I experienced getting stranded in the middle of nowhere in Mount Pinatubo with co-hikers on a heavy downpour while we wait for the water level to subside to finally cross the river. It was a risky experience, something we could have prepared if we had checked the weather forecast. Nevertheless, the next basic thing should always be taken into consideration.

Pack light but do not forget the #Basics

I make sure I have the following items on my dayhike bag: headlamp, trails snacks and a set of meal, first aid kit, 1 liter of water (if there is a water source) and a pair of clothes and raincoat should the weather go bad. Do not overpack your bag as it is uncomfortable ascending with a heavy stuff on your bag. As a regular hiker, I also see to it all items in my bag are wrapped in plastic or in a waterproof case to prevent them from getting soaked in case there is unexpected rain or a wet trail ahead.

Listen to the Basic Rules

Leave no trace. In all hiking communities, this is the basic mantra.

Never throw any candy wrapper or any trash on the trail as Mother Nature and the locals wont be happy about it. Be a steward of the Earth.

I used to bring my own utensils (non plastic ones) to avoid plastic pollution. Plus also to get a better experience of enjoying your cup of coffee while enjoying that greenery in front of you.

Before starting the hike, an organiser or tour guide will make sure you are briefed with the basic rules on your adventure, so make sure YOU LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY and stick with the group and the tour guide for the rest of your hike.

Also dont forget to do some stretches with the group before starting the trek. A quick warm up helps!

Animals are friends but do not pet them.

There are a lot of wild animals you will encounter.

As cute and as gentle as these furry creatures are, we should avoid touching or taking a look closer at them so to leave them on their natural habitat.

Respect the natural music

During trek, we see to it no one is turning on their music players or playing their spotify as this is a disrespect to Mother Nature. Let the singing of birds and swaying of trees beat with your deep breaths on your ascent. Enjoy a few talks with co-hikers but at a minimum level.

Love the Earth's view

Appreciate your gift of sight, this way you are lucky to witness Earth's magnificent beauty. Reaching the peak or summit is just one of the many beautiful experience to enjoy. It's the whole journey to begin with. Take a lot of pictures and be proud. This is the earth you live in. Take care of it. Preserve it.

So before you head out to your next adventure, make sure you are mentally, physically and literally prepared for anything to happen. It’s going to be one fun adventure if you are soul searching, going out with loved ones and friends. There are a lot of things you will find out and learn on your way. Save that energy and plan your next travel wisely.

Each day is a moment to reflect and appreciate inner peace and good life in everything that we do. But loving the earth outdoors is a totally different experience.

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