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Embracing Diversity at Work: Challenges and Opportunity

We all have our own unique traits and personality that even identical twins are not 100 percent identical with their DNAs. Diversity is not a bad thing for an organization or a team. Can you imagine a basketball team with players who only know how to defend but do not know how to shoot the ball? In this article, we’ll be talking about the challenges and opportunities that diversification can bring to a team.

In a BPO industry like Cooee, you would encounter a variety of people with different fields of expertise. You will encounter nursing graduates, teachers, engineers and any other profession you can think of. Not just with the profession there would also be differences in values, personality, beliefs or culture, mood and even the generation gap.

Differences in Personality


We are all unique in our own ways. Our personalities can be affected by different factors, but we won’t discuss it here. Having different personalities within a team can be conflicting, there are some that are compatible with each other, but there would also be few that would clash with each other, especially people who have a strong personality.


Different personalities at Cooee are a cool thing. It may be because of having an Australian owner, which we know is a multicultural society. Instead of comparing our own differences, strengths and weaknesses, we are using it as an advantage. For example, a very reserved person is encouraged to join the activities and even let him/her host the program which boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

Generation Gap


In Cooee, employees are dominated by fresh graduates or little to no experience when it comes to work. They are in the transition of being a student to being a professional. Experienced people can sometimes tend to stick to knowledge they have based on their previous job and struggle to cope with the new generation. While the newcomers, which we call Nooees, might feel a bit intimidated and may experience culture shock.


The good thing about Cooee, we can somehow fill this gap through constant communication. I think it is normal to feel intimidated on your first job as a Nooee, but it won’t last because of how everyone, not just on the team, will approach you to make you comfortable with the workplace. Instead of dwelling on the differences of each generation, we are trying to learn from each difference and adapt to it.

Beliefs and Culture


Having a diverse culture and belief in a team may hold back some great ideas. One may not be able to fully express his/her opinion about someone’s work because it might offend the person. Communication is one of the key factors for a successful team, but it would be hard to communicate with people with different cultures resulting in awkwardness and hostility.


Rather than compare our differences in culture, we celebrate cultural diversity as a team. We are composed of men and women, have different religious beliefs and even have opposing political viewpoints. We use it as an opportunity to widen our ideas, collaborating with each other and creating better processes. It also helps the team to be open to new perspectives not just at work but also with our personal lives.

In the world of diversity, there would be challenges and opportunities. In Cooee we just don’t embrace diversity, but also use it as an advantage for growth and innovation. By recognizing the value of diverse personalities, bridging generational gaps, and celebrating cultural differences, Cooee sets a compelling example for businesses seeking to thrive in today's interconnected world. Embracing diversity isn't just a choice; it's an imperative for success.

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