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Flipping the Book: A Fresh Graduate’s New Chapter

People say that you will experience the best memories in your life in high school. But for me, I would say that the best time of my life is when I started my journey in college.

My college life is easier said than done. I spent my two years in a face-to-face setup and that was the biggest change for me. Choosing my dream university was the hardest decision I made during that time. I was born and raised in the province, I never experienced the life of an independent woman. But for the sake of achieving my dreams, I choose to learn how to be one.

But — gradual changes are difficult. Adjusting and learning to be mature over the night is not easy, I learned all my first times, one thing I will be proud of since I’ve been able to use it even when I already graduated.

But problems arise from one another, and that is when we shift into online set-up due to the rise of COVID-19. Another adjustment — everything is new to me, attending classes via online platforms, using modules instead of discussing it in the traditional classroom set up.

Luckily, I would be able to surpass the hurdles in life, but obstacles don’t stop there as long as we’re alive. My next hurdle after surviving online classes is the job opportunities. The economy has shut down for almost two years, meaning to say the year I will be graduating is a tough battle; I am competing with over a thousand of HR graduates who wished to be an HR practitioner, and those who are still seeking for work opportunities due to the pandemic.

I am losing all my means of hope, I do not know if I will be able to pursue a job which aligns with the course I finished. I spent a few months searching for a job opportunity but because of the tight competition, I always get rejected. Receiving a single rejection is fine, but after you experience it multiple times, you will begin to question your capability, “Am I enough?”, “What do I lack?”. When you already have those thoughts, you will now think of giving up finding a job which aligns your course.

But on the verge of giving up, Cooee saved me. I was about to shift my career and find another job but Cooee called me and said that I passed their final interview and I received a job offer. I am forever grateful to Cooee because they see a potential in me, a fresh graduate when everyone didn’t.

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Jeanette Alim
Jeanette Alim
Dec 22, 2022

Inspiring story!

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