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Flipping the Tassel After 2 Years

Graduation Day— an event where all students dreamt of. This ceremony marks the start of our career. All those difficult tests and subjects were pushed away at just the thought of graduating.

When COVID hit and all classes went virtual, I was at my last semester, all of us were wondering what’s next for us? What would be the aftermath of this situation? Will there be an academic break? How will we finish our degree when there are too many restrictions? So many questions left unanswered. Months have passed and the university sent our diplomas door to door, and just like that, we were officially graduates. Most of the time when students graduate, they feel fearful of the uncertain future, well I felt this fear triple as I move into the part where I look for opportunities. At first, I filled up my resume by going to trainings and attending webinars related to my degree. Then, after a few months, I got a call from Nats for my interview, got to talk with some of our leadership team and to cut the long story short, here I am! I started my training shortly after and everything went well.

Last March 2022, it was announced that we will be having our graduation ceremony, at last, this year. Of course, me and all my batchmates were thrilled as we’ll officially be putting an end to a chapter together but mostly because we will be seeing each other again. After lots of online orientations for the Investiture rites, the day that we’ve waited for 2 years has come. It was like a mini reunion as we chitchatted on our life updates. The program went on and as my turn to go up the stage turns near, I no longer feel any fear, rather, I felt thankful and relieved. Grateful that I was able to graduate while being an Imagineer at Cooee and relieved that I can now close my Uni episode.

Regardless of graduating on time or two years after, this ‘new normal’ event will remain in my memory as time goes on. This commencement is a milestone for me as this represents that I was able to learn and establish structured habits that helped me with my role as an Imagineer here at Cooee.

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