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Fostering: A moment to disconnect to reconnect

“Is fostering the same with Team Building? What is fostering?” These were my curiosity questions because honestly, I didn't know what fostering is until I first heard of it when I got into Cooee and saw some of my colleagues post their experience on social media that they had a blast together.

Part of our fostering was bowling and dining at Samgyeopsal Restaurant – a South Korean delicacy. The first stop was bowling, before the game most of us shared that we haven’t experienced bowling and we were not confident enough to strike those bowling pins even if we squint our eyes or most probably our bowling ball might roll onto the gutter, yikes! Hence, everyone is so reluctant to be the first player. We started imitating poses of other professional bowlers and minutes after, the game started. We were so clueless and struggling on how we were going to get a strike but after rounds of playing we were finally able to strike (thanks to our muscle memory), everyone was supportive and applauded every time we scored. We really had such a great time playing together and it made me want to play more of this someday because I truly enjoyed it despite the minor sore. Not far from where the bowling center was, we went to a restaurant. We were all chatting to get a chance to know more about ourselves while waiting for our food to arrive. After hours of enjoying our food, we bid our goodbyes and went home safely.

I thought fostering was merely hanging out with your colleagues, but it was way more than that. Fostering gave us positive emotions, strong bonds, and time to personally engage with each other which I believe that these would help us lessen our stress at work and burnouts and improve the employee well-being during this time of pandemic.

It was simple yet a memorable experience! Had a chance to experience what was felt by others in their fostering. Thank you Cooee for the fantastic experience and letting us enjoy our moments together. Going back to my question, what is fostering? For me, fostering is a moment of disconnecting us from work to reconnect with people on the outside world of working from home.

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