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Fresh Graduate: The Beginning of a Journey

Being a fresh grad with zero experience in the real world is a very challenging and nerve-wracking situation for me since I like to always be in my comfort zone. I am not the type of person who will go beyond my limits.

I am lucky enough to have NPM as my client. I started working with them as a Project Administrator during my early months which is a position that is beyond my knowledge as an accounting graduate. I should have backed out right? But no. Thankfully I did not since my wonderful journey will start from here. From Administrator, months later I became part of the finance team as an Accounts Payable. As a beginner in this career, I have learnt a lot during my first months that consists of training and encouragement. I was able to handle different accounts of NPM subsidiaries which is a great experience as a newcomer in this field and at the same time was able to talk to different people, which I cannot imagine since I lack confidence in myself. I just wanted to add that this is an Australian based company so I thought that language and culture, not to mention the distance, will be a problem between us. But as I said, I was lucky enough to work with the NPM family who showed me how approachable, supportive, and friendly they are. They are very open to sharing their knowledge, happy to offer help whenever you need, and I have never felt a lack of support at any time working with them.

It's been more than a year now having NPM as my client and every day is still a challenge. These challenges turned into opportunities since working with this company is a great opportunity indeed. It is a company that offers opportunities to foster and grow not just an individual but as a team, both professionally and personally. I am happy to say that I am no longer in my comfort zone because they believe in me, they have trust in me that I can be of help and can contribute something to the company.

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