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How Cooee is Celebrating Buwan ng Wika to Promote Inclusivity and Improve Communication.

Buwan ng Wika, celebrated annually every August in the country, aims to promote our national language and other regional languages that form an integral part of our national identity. Language, being the bedrock of communication, plays a vital role in human interaction and understanding. Here at Cooee, we stand by our tagline: “Making every conversation count.” This tagline carries immense significance as we are all interconnected in an incredibly diverse world. It encapsulates the idea of effective communication, which serves as a bridge of understanding and appreciation across diverse cultures.

Translating the essence of Buwan ng Wika into the workplace can yield numerous benefits. To begin, celebrating cultural identity in a professional setting nurtures a sense of inclusivity and belonging among employees. Through cultural presentations, workshops, and discussions, employees can learn about various traditions, languages, and customs. Just before this week, our in-house Autonomy team organized a fun and interactive activity during our Cooee Unplug Series. This included translating English to Tagalog, a brief quiz centered around personalities who champion and cherish our language, and some lighthearted memes to conclude the event. These activities deepen our comprehension and appreciation of our language and underscore that embracing cultural observances in the workplace contributes to a more inclusive and culturally aware environment. Such an environment allows employees to thrive and collaborate harmoniously.

Furthermore, celebrating Buwan ng Wika can motivate employees to enhance their language skills, whether in Tagalog or English. This presents an opportunity for them to refine their ability to articulate ideas, collaborate effectively, and negotiate skillfully. Consequently, clearer communication reduces misunderstandings and facilitates smoother interactions, contributing to increased productivity and teamwork.

As we observe Buwan ng Wika, let us remember its numerous benefits – from fostering inclusivity and improving communication to nurturing cultural growth and advancing careers. This celebration goes beyond being an event; it's a chance to establish a more united and culturally enriched workplace. Embracing it honors our linguistic heritage and contributes to creating an environment where diversity flourishes, teamwork excels, and personal development flourishes.

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