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In a shadow of a Woman

As we look back at the progress made by women all over the world, this Month we recognize the importance of empowerment. Woman is more than just being biologically female. It's about strength, resilience, and an unrelenting spirit that can conquer any obstacle. Through acts of service and dedication it is undeniably visible that women, same as men, also play an important role in the Church. The Church has been an integral part of this progress. As a major source of support for women, it has provided spiritual guidance and moral strength to countless women who have faced difficult times in their lives. The church has also been an instrument in promoting gender equality and encouraging women to pursue their dreams without any fear or hesitation.

To be a woman is power; it means taking control of your life and making decisions that pave the way for a better future. As we continue to walk the Cooee way and apply the value of Being Authentic, Believing in Potential and Being Empathetic let's embrace and celebrate women from all walks of life who have defied societal norms and emerged as leaders. Women bloom when empowered, support women's journey of empowerment and explore what it truly means to be a powerful woman!

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