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My #Unplug Story

How I began my hike adventure in the metro

I grew up in the southermost part of the country called South Cotabato where the SOCKSARGEN mountains, pineapple and flower plantation and the majestic Mt Matutum has always been my view. Being outdoors with nature is just a few walks away. Now, living in the metro is the exact opposite. There is not much greenery with only cityscapes - highrise buildings, crowded places and the noise of traffic in the streets.

And they say, if there’s a will, there is always a way to reconnect with nature. I began my hiking journey in Luzon around five years ago. Some people would thought that mountain climbing is not really a ‘girl thing’. I searched the internet to find some Do-it-yourself dayhikes and found my way to a group of strangers who also have the same goal as me. So I started with minor dayhikes and the rest is history.

I enjoy being outdoors to take long walks and see the gigantic trees and mountain goats, to eat some wildberries, and to enjoy the spectacular mountain ranges and the greenery around me. I love rivercrossing and rapelling in monoliths. I love how the big leaves in the forests slap my face when climb over its roots. I love posing in the rocky peaks under the sun. It took me some time to overcome my fear of heights especially when I am in pointed rocks and stiff peaks. When I am out there, I appreciate nature and focus on the present, just feel the moment.

Of course, the feeling is always similar. It is always fun hiking. The earthy scent that rises after a light rainfall, the song of the wind under a pine tree canopy, the summer heat that gently pierces your skin and the rhythym of your breath as you work your way up the rocky trails and grassy peaks, things you experienced on your dayhike in the north. The summit may reward you with beauty and awe but for me, its always about how you carry yourself during the climb and the trails you passed and explored before reaching the top.

The Peak – this is probably the reason why I chose this self reflective title. There may be different trail class along the way, but what matters is we reach the peak and enjoy the moment.

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