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New Zealand Partition: A Fresh Start

It began with the establishment of the New Zealand (NZ) partition within the AutoGrab team. This marked a new chapter, presenting us with unique challenges and opportunities.

Streamlining Our Processes: The Journey Begins

One of the initial hurdles we faced was the foreignness of the process for handling new tasks. Each member of the NZ team, including myself, started by developing our own processes. It was a period of innovation and adaptation.

After careful evaluation, one process was selected to become the standard. The decision to adopt a unified approach improved efficiency and communication within the team.

A Special Task: Going Above and Beyond

During our journey, a significant change occurred when most of our NZ team members were temporarily reassigned to the original team. However, I was entrusted with a special task – processing and formatting all the produced files.

I'm delighted to share that our partner was not only happy but also pleasantly surprised when presented with one of the completed files. They mistakenly believed that only one file was finished. Imagine their delight when they learned that all the files had already been completed!

Continuing to Excel: More Special Tasks Await

I am now occasionally entrusted with more special tasks, such as providing 'Template Formatting Help' for our partner's company as a whole.

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