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Spotted on Strength

Strength spotting is defined as “the act of recognizing and identifying the strengths that a person may possess, through a process of naturalistic observation in day-day settings, or through more formal assessment approaches” (Linley, 2008).

We seldom hear praises at the workplace, or even at home, because it is human nature to be more attuned to behaviors we perceive as ‘threats’ to our physical and psychological safety. This is because of our brain’s negativity bias which makes each of us hardwired to focus on the things that have gone wrong or could go wrong and the consequences when they do.

In Cooee, we recognise our biased nature and look to pair this awareness with the practice of appreciating others through ‘Spotted on Strength’. This monthly recognition, launched in February, invites employees to recognize a colleague who expressed a character strength. It aims to encourage the practice of our Self-Reflective Titles (SRT), uncover the character strengths that shaped our SRTs and, in the process, spark meaning and purpose in our everyday Cooee experiences.

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