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The Autograb Team: Where Work Meets Family

I would like to take a moment to spotlight the incredible efforts of the Autograb team members. Each and every one of them is a genuine, kind, and hardworking individual. As a team leader, it is truly a blessing to have a group of people who are always ready to accept challenges, humble, diligent, and eager to grow and succeed together. I feel truly grateful and fortunate to have such an amazing team.

Let me take a moment to spotlight each member of the team. Ate Lorraine, who serves as the mother figure of the team, truly cares for her teammates as if they were her own children. She checks on her colleagues often, oversees them in times of struggle, and provides guidance when they need it. I'm very lucky to have her on the team because she genuinely cares. MJ and Regine use their detective-like skills to scrutinize processes and make suggestions that make tasks easier. These two ladies always show care for the team and constantly seek ways to improve their tasks to make them easier. They are very nice and always willing to go the extra mile. Carla and Allysa are sweet, humble, obedient, and always open to feedback. They share their knowledge with the team and are easy to work with. Mary and Marelen bring an infectious energy to the team, contributing to a positive and fun atmosphere, even though they live far away. These ladies are all very humble, kind, and cohesive as a team. I am proud to have them on the team, as they truly care for each other and work in harmony.

In the New Zealand team, Kommel and Emmanuel work tirelessly to improve their role and closely collaborate with our partners for ad-hoc needs, training, and ideas. They are both very humble and go the extra mile for the benefit of their team and partners. Lance puts in extra effort to ensure his tasks are done correctly. He is always willing to offer a helping hand to his teammates, even when it requires overtime. JB is a cool, young man with potential who does not shy away from challenges and displays a genuine love for his work, despite being new to his assigned tasks. He is also a favorite among the girls, thanks to his jolly personality and easy-going nature.

Lastly, I would like to spotlight Nooees, Wrenard, Je, Bryan, Leslie, and Zar. These five new members have exceeded my expectations and are humble, easy to get along with, and incredibly genuine. They have a good vibe that has quickly made them beloved by the entire team.

Overall, I am incredibly thankful, grateful, and blessed to have the Autograb team in my life. They are my second family and my second home, and they genuinely care for each other like siblings. Our team is growing, and I cannot wait to experience more happiness, more achievements, and more success with them in the future. I want to extend my appreciation to our partners who provide us with great support and ensure that our tasks are well-supported.

The Autograb team is a complete group that embodies true family values and is something to be immensely proud of. I personally appreciate each and every member's contributions, and I believe that they deserve all the recognition and gratitude in the world for being such a fantastic team.

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