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Unobtrusive Overhaul: Unraveling the power of coaching even in obscurity

Everyone in the office surely knows how shy I am and how socially awkward I can be with workmates, relatives, and even friends. My personal issues, such as unforgettable memories of past failures, always outweigh the remaining confidence I have. My socializing issues worsened to the point that I would always say "yes" even to simple "yes or no" questions, even if it’s not meant to be. My possible ideas to resolve such dire situations are swirling in my mind, making me uneasy most of the time – whether I am simply outside or new to a working place. A problem indeed, a never-ending catastrophe that has existed inside me and plagued me for almost a lifetime.

As a Nooee before, I committed myself to learning as much as I could for my upcoming role. Besides, my deepest desire is to fight my personal battles at all costs, even if it means doing something I hate – asking for help from others.

On February 15, 2023, I never thought that the woman sitting on the leftmost side of that row, facing the area where the onboarding employees stay for a week, would be my Coach in Cooee.

At first, I thought it would be just a simple one-on-one virtual session with another person from another account inside Cooee and set as a fortnightly task. But upon having it for the first time, both face-to-face and virtually, I realized that these sessions are indeed almost life-changing.

Going back almost 5 years ago, as an aviation student, I vividly remember our lectures back then in college, especially one about the intrinsic procedures on aircraft maintenance called "Overhaul." This is the systematic overall removal of an airplane system or all its systems, mandated by a scheduled technical checkup. It refers to rebuilding a system through disassembly and inspection to identify defective, damaged, or worn parts. The substandard parts and components are repaired or replaced. Finally, the equipment is reassembled and tested before returning to service. Coaching sessions with Ms. Irish made me realize that it’s not only airplanes that need overhaul. The concept can also be applied to human beings – not literally or medically, but in how we see and approach our lives. I remembered again that an airplane overhaul starts with a primary inspection and checkup of each system and part. In application, I’ve thoroughly examined each aspect of my life, and there I saw a part of me that’s always causing my struggle – my mindset. With time, I have become more articulate in my thoughts and have learned to identify things I can and cannot control.

As our coaching sessions progressed, the clarity of my mind became more certain. I found myself expanding my point of view in life. My coach's attentiveness during each meeting, whether addressing problems or not, made me feel appreciated in every way. She takes down notes of what I have in mind, breaking down situations bit by bit, helping me formulate steps on how to react and handle things. In this way, she is teaching me to be composed, collected, and methodical, urging me to take my time when fulfilling my commitments.

So far, I could say that I have reaped improvements in most aspects of my life. I have achieved a work-life balance, and instead of being overwhelmed by choices, I now seek a rightful purpose fitting for each situation. I prepare myself for failures wholeheartedly and set countermeasures in advance. I embrace constructive criticisms to gain a detailed assessment of myself. Most of all, I possess a strong and progressive mindset that never holds back.

Though the solution to my number one problem – being shy and socially awkward – is still in the process of materialization, I have become steadier and calmer in public or office settings that require me to speak and act.

The overhaul in me is ongoing. In the meantime, I believe it will not only be my mindset that improves but also other aspects of myself that need change. I will take my time to savor each process.

To my coach, I don’t know how I could be even more thankful to you. I’ve never been this compelled to be a goal setter. Thank you for always listening wholeheartedly and believing in my potential to overcome everything. Rest assured that I will always yearn and strive for achievements in a positive way. I will continue to face challenges head-on and grasp control of the things I can. Even if it becomes madness, so be it. At some point in our lives, no matter how hard we strive to improve ourselves, we must accept that talks and engagement with the right person are necessary to determine the purpose of our journey.

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