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Talking about that PURPOSE

PURPOSE. Many people frequently overlook the fact that everyone ought to have a purpose. For me, it took a long time to realize how significant this was. Everyone wakes up early in the morning feeling energized and hopeful because they have a PURPOSE. I lacked all of these things before, but eventually after finding my purpose it allowed me to live my life the way it should be, full with meaning. When life is tough and I'm struggling or things don't go my way, this becomes my fuel.

When the pandemic arrived, I recall how many people struggled, and I watched how many of them recovered, especially those with goals. See, our lives are largely driven by our sense of purpose.

However, not just in every individual, but also in every business. I was extremely taken aback by the way Cooee presented its purpose during my interviews before I joined them. Only a few companies in the Philippines have a clear purpose that is reflected in the way their employees work. Because of this, I am truly amazed and can affirm that they are a game-changer.

But not only Cooee, last 6th of May, 2022, I was able to witness another organization with a mission, with a goal, with a purpose. In the course of one of our Cooee Connects, Chin Chin Calayan and I were offered the chance to host this online event alongside Daniel Afonso, CEO of National Projects & Maintenance or NPM. It was an honor to be able to ask him some important questions. And I remember that afternoon, I am confident that we will benefit from his answers.

He established NPM in 2004 and has since successfully expanded his building and construction company. Australia-wide, National Projects & Maintenance (NPM) provides the property sector with high-quality asset services. NPM offers commercial, industrial, public, and private assets design, project, and construction services, as well as maintenance solutions.

We had many questions for him, but His responses mostly made clear to us his and their purposes. The company's primary tagline is "places for people." And they value every individual associated with their business – employees, clients and even the indigenous people. As I mentioned during that interview, it's really great to see a company whose goal is not only centered on themselves but also on others, particularly those kinds of people. And I'm hoping that more creative individuals will emerge in our nations, especially to defend or uphold the rights of the local indigenous population. I can clearly see that they are in the business of doing their best so that others, or majority can experience their own excellence.

However, every business, even the most successful ones, faced numerous challenges and took certain risks in order to keep going. Daniel Afonso also gave us a glimpse of his. How he took some efforts to start this company many years ago, and how he continues to take risks as part of their growth. How they handled conflicts within the organization and the lessons they took away from it. They were moulded by challenges and risks, and their PURPOSE kept them moving forward throughout those trying times.

I can easily see that their purpose played a significant role in their growth and how they are now operating. Our discussion taught me a ton, in all honesty. And in conclusion, it is undeniably clear that PURPOSE matters in all circumstances.

Despite the fact that it was extremely nerve-wracking, I am grateful that I was selected to be one of the hosts of this online event. Speaking with people who are purpose-driven makes me happy since I know I will gain knowledge and wisdom from them. I still have a lot to learn in this life, and this talk with this incredibly motivating CEO left a lasting impression on me. I feel truly privileged and humbled to be a member of the NPM Manila Team.

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