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The journey between then and now

Before the pandemic I was a person who is afraid of committing mistakes, afraid of trying new tasks and things on my own, afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m dependent to Ms. JP who‘s my go-to-person whenever I have questions and needs help. But after 8 months of working from home, I left with no choice but to work mostly by myself since Ms. JP needed to focus on her new role and to guide and assist our other teammates.

Needless to say that I was clueless when I started, and it felt very surreal knowing that I needed to start from scratch all over again. I also began work at a time where there were just 2 people in the team - Mei and myself. We both had to navigate and divide our time between the platform, the hiring process, and the content the tutors gave. It was a humbling experience, but at the same time an empowering one. Humbling because I had to learn everything in lightning speed, empowering because it made me realize that our capabilities as humans are limitless for as long as we are willing to learn.

A couple of months into the job, we gained our own team. And they were immediately thrust into the overwhelming numbers of QCs that we had missed out on. I know from experience that the tasks given to them were perhaps more than what they expected. And the work output we required of them was staggering at times. We've had days where we would give each other a pat at the back for finishing things. But we've had more setbacks to date - and that's putting it mildly. I have been demanding at times, getting each one to fulfill a task, and giving them more just so we could meet the demands. And they braved on with no complaints, no side comments. They happily embraced whatever was given them, and showed to me time and time again what they are made of. So it was truly humbling, and a lot sweeter, when I learned of the things they had to say about me.

It inspired me to work harder and be better in what I do. But the biggest take-away I have gotten from this is that small things matter. A quick call, a short message of encouragement, all these matter in making work easier. MJ, Patrick, Maria, have not only made it more fun to show up at work every day, they've also pushed us to improve on ourselves simply by showing us their dedication to the job, their eagerness to accept new roles, and their concern for each other's well being. So this nomination wasn't for me alone. It was for us - our party of 5, our dream team. It was a testament of how we reflect each other in our work, and in our dealings with each other.

As the pandemic restrictions have eased in most of the places and new normal life begins, my COBH coaching journey also begins. I believe this COBH coaching journey of mine will be beneficial - will empower and will support me and my coachee. My struggles and challenges are now stories that are proudly shared with my coachee and colleagues. Those nightmares that have turned into rainbow and sunshine are being told believing someone will be empowered and victorious just like me. Sometimes I’m still the kind of person that I used to be – afraid and has self-doubt. But I can say now, I am the person who walks into my fears, guided by the values, the character strengths and vision, and mission that I have earned from COOEE - to believe in my potential, to be Authentic, and to be Empathetic.

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