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The PYD Tool

About 2 years ago, we started to have the DILO (day in the life) tracker where we plan and capture our activities throughout the day. It was a totally different template back then where we put in a value of 1 per 15-30 min. tasks. It went thru several improvements and there was also a time when a working group work on it until it became the PYD (Plan Your Day) tool as you know today.

From a data analysis perspective, the way we analyze data before was to get individual excel file from each one and we would do a simple pivot. We definitely thought of improving the process but there were several challenges.

  • Aggregation - how do you consolidate all data of Cooee so you can view a team data for instance?

  • Scalability - how do you handle the data every time there's a nooee?

  • Repeatable - how do we produce KPI and analytics reports from it on a regular basis?

By the 2nd year, several options were forwarded such as creating a web application for it, utilizing Excel VBAs etc. Then we found Google. It's something familiar, totally advanced and free! We began designing, engineering data pipelines from source data to destination. We tested for several weeks until we solved each of the problems mentioned - aggregation, ease of scalability and ease of repeatability. Fast forward to now, we finally have this tool that's connected to a dashboard that we can review, analyze and make decisions from.

The journey is similar to building a lego set. We have this massive data or lego pieces we need to make use of. At the start, we were only able to build light aircraft or small airplanes. Then after some learning process, we went up next level and we were able to build a jumbo aircarft or a 747. It took effort until we are now in the position where we're able to use every piece of the lego. So that we can perhaps build not just airplane but an ecosystem or an airport.

From a user perspective, the PYD tool essentially is an instrument to live the Cooee values. It is used for planning, for development and for optimal performance.

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