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There is no I in Team

It’s our privilege to be the Head Mistresses of this Q3 House Champion – House Autonomy. Our journey to reach the championship was not easy. Like the other teams, we faced a lot of struggles, given that we have different tasks to do at work and personal things to attend to.

The good thing about this House Competition is that you can easily get to know each other because of the activities you are doing. As we are currently on virtual set up, we need to extend our ways to connect to each other. Because of this, we also discovered talents from the house members.

Each team member has a story to share – Khryztynne, a fresh graduate, and Loraine, a Nooee, took the challenge to facilitate the weekly Cooee-ck Connect with bravery and excellence. Hans, who always made himself available in times we needed a volunteer on some games, JP who showed incredible energy on each activity alongside helping to carry the team, and the other members who also supported the team until the last fight.

If there is a common ground in all of us, that will be being competitive and bringing the best in each other. For us, the house mistresses, that is a great reward already. We could not ask for more.

We believe in the saying that TEAMWORK makes the DREAM WORKS. No man is an island. We need someone to help us reach the top.

To the Team – JP, Hans, Chrizel, Loraine, Chris, Doreen, Justine, Mik, Ram, Jonelle, Pam, Polla and Khryztynne. Thank you! Kudos to each one of you.

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