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Toni’s #Recooeennect Experience

It was a refreshing moment for me meeting most of my co-cooee employees. Though we’ve been seeing each other virtually; it was still a different satisfaction when you see and meet them personally.

Being one of the host and part of the engagement team of #ReCooeennect, I can say that it was very exhausting, but seeing them enjoying and smiling the whole event, makes me feel great to be part of the organizing team. It was a wholesome event for me, as this was the way to interact with my co-employees, but not just with them, I also got to talk with Kris and Pia Buckham themselves, and with the Management Team as well.

Most of us just met during that day, but it didn’t feel that way. It’s like we’ve found all our comfort in the presence of each other. Each one will not make you feel that you are a “nooee”, you feel welcomed instantly. I’m happy that I get to bond with the different groups in the #ReCooeennect, met them, get to know their stories and making every conversation comfortable.

It was a busy and tiring day for me, but I can honestly say that being with these people doesn’t make me feel exhausted, instead seeing them makes me feel more alive and getting more energy to make them enjoy more with the presence of each one, and I hope I get to bond with them again.

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