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Trailblazing Breakthrough: Autograb PH

An Australian-based company, Autograb, specializing in automotive intelligence across diverse market segments, established a collaborative partnership with Cooee Inc. in Makati, Philippines. This strategic alliance was established as Cooee Inc. provided personnel to Autograb, who worked under their guidance, thereby giving rise to Autograb PH. Initially, the team comprised a single employee, which was later expanded to three. Their primary responsibility is to gather regos, necessitating communication with each seller to obtain specific information about the car.

The tasks underwent a transformation and became more manageable with the implementation of Autograb’s systematic collection and daily calculation of regos, which eliminated the need for contacting sellers. This has led to an increase to over five members and the selection of a team leader. In January of the current year, Autograb Leadership in Australia initiated and executed a project that involved the Autograb branch in New Zealand. The project entailed conducting a study and analysis of how software engineers and backend developers could produce automobiles with precise specifications for their clients. In light of this development, Cooee and Autograb have expanded their partnership and recruited additional personnel to hold new responsibilities, leading to the establishment of Autograb New Zealand.

The renowned quote by Helen Keller, "Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much," serves as a valuable source of motivation. In the present era, Team Autograb relentlessly endeavors to discover the vast array of opportunities through innovative ideas that may lead to novel investments and establish a global dominance in the automotive software industry.

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