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Trello Onboarding

The onboarding process sure has a lot of steps to deal with, from integrating company culture to getting the tools and information needed for a newbie. This should be a strategic procedure, that’s why here in Cooee, Trello is used to have a smooth transition for Nooees’ onboarding.

As shown in the image, The Trello board is following a curriculum to give an overview of what Trello is-- an area to learn about the Cooee culture from the people, practices, tools, and values.

Utilizing the board can help newbies to connect with The People: the company itself, Cooee Team, HR Team, and the Client; be able to learn the Tools we operate with like the Cooee iTee Help Desk and Chatbot, Cooee One Beat Help Desk, TiTo App, PYD Tool and understand how to document their processes. Through the Trello, all Nooees will also be able to understand and perform various Cooee Practices—Daily Huddles, Coaching Sessions, Payroll Policy, Managing Outages and know the Australian Geography and Culture as well. Every list assigned into one’s Nooee Compass comprises of Optimal Me, Self-Paced and Interactive sessions, and Journals to establish a meaningful onboarding experience.

Through their compass, Nooees can practice being Authentic by being able to express and be aware of their emotions, exercise being Empathetic by understanding others’ emotions and set up their social intelligence and Believing in Potential by having the perception that mastery of something can be developed by means of instilling a good routine. All these sessions help build connections with one another and offer a space for us to reflect and immerse ourselves into the Cooee Values.

With the help of these tasks, Nooees can be equipped with the tools and traditions that will guide them to be more competent and be a great aid in imparting their contributions into the company.

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