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A Continuous Journey of Gratitude

I am immensely grateful to be awarded as the Optimal Me Winner for Quarter-2. Being a ‘Nooee’ in a company where everything is new to me, I did not expect to be nominated by anyone nor did I expect to receive this kind of recognition. And what makes this more memorable for me, is knowing that there is someone who truly appreciates you, and most of all there is someone who really believes in your potential.

My heartfelt thank you to my Coach Ms. Meiko for nominating me for the Optimal Me recognition. Thank you for always encouraging me and pushing me to do more, give more and be more. And most of all, thank you for always believing in my potential and being part of my transformation. To my Manager, Ms. JP, to my colleagues and the Management, thank you for the constant support for all of us. To Ms. Pia and KB, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of the COBH program. The Coaching Sessions, Spotted on Strengths, Cooee Connects, sharing of insights, and the COBH program really had a great impact on my transformation. For I know this will not stop here, but a continuous journey not just for me but for all of us here at Cooee.

Showing your authenticity to others by staying true to yourself, staying within the right values, and always living with a purpose. Being present and listening without judgment. Believing that all of us have our own infinite potential. And always have the attitude of gratitude. As the quote from Stephanie Simpson said, “It is not happiness that brings us Gratitude, it is GRATITUDE that brings us HAPPINESS.” This quote struck me the most, for I believe that if you make it a habit to express gratitude, you will be able to inspire other people and the real meaning of happiness comes back to you in multitude.

Lastly, as what Cooee wants to embed with us: ‘Let’s be part of each other’s transformation – one person, one community, one business at a time.’

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