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A Fresh Start: The Launch of the Cooee Website

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

In our journey into deepening our footprint in this industry, it has been an aspiration to design a website that encapsulates who we are and what we believe in. With a mission to share Cooee’s story through our website’s design, visuals, and content, we, the creative team, remained steadfast in our commitment to making this mission a reality.

Our old website, which was first built with Wordpress, gives us good experience and lessons to apply to our new website. We decided to use Wix as we see more opportunities to broaden our ideas in website design because it lets us play freely and we have less trouble using its functions, allowing us to be more creative, secure, and user-friendly.

We are guided by Cooee’s brand, still in a minimalist way. We chose a more modern pastel blue, white, and yellow color palette to reflect this idea of minimalism. From here, we looked to curate an effortless user experience by organizing the website’s content to highlight Cooee’s culture through values, people, practices, and tools.

Though Wix has everything we need to build our new website, we still encountered challenges along the way.

The first involved redirecting links from an old website to a new one. We couldn’t finish redirecting all the links from the old website until it was down already, but as we believe in a saying, "if there’s a will, there’s a way." Of course, with the help of our dearest friends, Google, YouTube, and Stack Overflow, we overcame it. We had to go through the process of bypassing, studying, and testing the flow to see how it affected or what would happen if we tried this and that. We are glad we figured it out, and now our new website is already ranked up in Google searches, and the old website is not showing anymore.

Another one was when we were alarmed when, on the same day, the old website was already down, and our new website was not secured. We were very worried, as it is one of the most crucial issues in building a website. But we realized that it was somehow because the domain was still migrating the redirections from the old website to the new. We waited for a day, and the next day, we checked it, and it was already secured.

Because of these challenges, we couldn’t meet our deadline for launching. We extended it for a week, and we are very grateful for our stakeholders, as they understood the situation and, in fact, supported us in launching it the following week.

As we launched this new website, we can say that this project brought an entire mix of resourcefulness, innovation, and confidence to turn Cooee’s story into the tangible website that we see today. We are deeply grateful.

Having taken this opportunity to refresh and re-energize, we hope to be better placed to connect and start conversations one person, one community, one business at a time…

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