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A Nooee’s Journey of Hosting: Stepping into Spotlight with Confidence

As a recent hire of Cooee, I was both excited and apprehensive when I received an unexpected invitation to host the Recooeennect 2.0. Being a nooee, I hadn't anticipated such an opportunity to present itself so soon. It felt like I was stepping into uncharted territory. Nevertheless, I embraced the challenge with open arms, determined to make the most of this unique experience. I explore the journey of hosting, diving into the joys and challenges that come with it, and how it can profoundly impact me on this Cooee journey.

Behind the Curtain: Fear of the Unknown

In the days leading up to the event, a whirlwind of emotions swept through me. On one hand, I felt thrilled to be entrusted with a role that involved engaging with everyone. On the other hand, I was anxious about whether I could live up to the expectations of being an excellent and engaging host. Nonetheless, I dedicated time to prepare and practice for hosting, hoping to find a balance between professionalism and approachability.

As the day of the party arrived, I could feel my nerves acting up. Trying to quell my anxiety, I reminded myself of the support I had from my colleagues and the fact that they believed in my abilities. Armed with cue cards and a script to guide me through the evening's program, I stood at the center stage, ready to embark on this exhilarating journey.

Connecting with the Crowd: Learning and Growth

I had limited personal connections within the company, but during my preparations, I had familiarized myself with notable achievements and milestones of the company. During the preparation process, Engagement Team has always been on the lead —providing us with invaluable insights and support throughout the process. Ef and I even went through their meticulous rehearsals.

As the day of the event finally arrived, a mix of excitement and nervousness coursed through my veins. Doubts resurfaced, and I questioned whether I had prepared adequately. But authenticity goes a long way in connecting with the crowd. Despite the fear, I put on a genuine smile and embraced the challenge before me.

The event lasted for hours. It was a celebration and acknowledgement of hard work of different individuals, praising their accomplishments and dedication. It also showcased the company's culture of appreciation and teamwork. This in turns, resonates with everyone and in me. The encouragement and positive feedback boosted my self-assurance, eroding the self-doubt that had initially plagued me. I realized that stepping out of my comfort zone had allowed me to discover untapped potential and strengths.

The Aftermath: An Experience to Look Back

Looking back on this hosting experience, I can confidently say that it was a defining moment in my journey. Through a thorough preparation and an openness to learning from challenges, a nooee like me, successfully embarked the event, leaving behind a trail of unforgettable experience. Most importantly, I discovered the strength that come from embracing the spotlight, connecting with an audience and owning’s one abilities.

In conclusion, this experience taught me the importance of seizing opportunities, even when they seem intimidating at first. It's a reminder that growth and learning often occur outside of our comfort zones. As I continue to grow within the company, I cherish this memorable experience as a significant milestone in my career. And with my newfound confidence and enthusiasm, I eagerly await the next chance to create unforgettable memories for the team. Embrace them and discover the remarkable journey of self-discovery that awaits in the spotlight.

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