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An AU-some, AU-mazing, and AU-stonishing Visit

As the spirit of Christmas, the denouement of 2022 as well as the embracing of 2023 is fast approaching, have you had time to reflect on “What are you most grateful for 2022” and “What are you hoping for 2023?”

We have different stories to tell on how 2022 has impacted our lives, some are stories of victory, and some are defeats that will fuel us to thrive more. As I remembered it was almost 4 years ago when I dreamed and prayed about where I am now, and true enough, and up until now, it was an answered prayer.

At first, when Kris and JP invited me to join the “AU Visit” that I was dreaming of before, without any hesitation I accepted the invite unknowing the responsibilities and actions it entails. Months of preparation had passed by, and a week before our flight, an anxious and doubtful mind had traversed my mind. Am I ready for these responsibilities? But going back to my purpose, I immediately shake off those negative thoughts. I believe this opportunity will contribute and lead me to another transformation and learning, I just must believe in my potential and be authentic.

Let me share another remarkable story on how I am grateful for 2022.

One of my stories that I am grateful for is being chosen to join the “AU Visit”. I know this trip itself is remarkable not only with the memories and most importantly the learnings and transformation I would gain from this experience. The day has finally arrived, and my first ever face-to-face client visit and the meeting was a great experience and kinda easy peasy knowing I was with Kris, Joyce, and Meiko. As for me being the only person handling Computertrans, the true battle will begin in the next few days as I will be meeting the rest of the Computertrans Team all by myself. I know there would be a lot of challenges that I would be facing once I am alone, knowing me as an introverted person and all it takes is reminding myself how far I have come.

My visit and stay there became smoother and more meaningful because of the hospitality of Jacky, Jasper, Leslie, and the rest of the Computertrans team. I felt the reciprocated love from their warm welcome -introducing me to almost every employee that was there, every day pick up and drop off schedule from and to the train station arranged by them. A breakfast, lunch, and dinner treat by them, a sleepover invite to their place from Leslie and a city tour with Leslie’s family (her husband and daughters), sharing stories with me about themselves and their family are some of the evidence of the built connection between us. I could never ask for more – good people plus good food. Being tired from all the activities I had during the visit, it is easily swept with music in my ears - the commendation I heard directly from them – “Thank you for all of your help and for saving a lot of my time”, and I know how precious and how they value their time.

Aside from my client, the other clients of Cooee have welcomed and embraced us as if we are part of their family, thank you Whale Logistics, Bill, and Marie. Thank you to the Buckham family for the beautiful BBQ party and these significant opportunities for us.

Truly, Australia and its people are AU-some, AU-mazing, and AU-stonishing.

To Joyce, Meiko, Cha, Ram, and Crissy, I thank you all for the support, and love and for making this journey one of the happiest and most unforgettable memories.

Above all these meaningful and great experiences, I would say that the mission, values, and all the character traits that Cooee and my Cooee team have instilled in me are the ones that unlocked the connection between me and Computertrans Team and indeed it deserved to be celebrated.

As I am about to flip another year in my life with Cooee and Computertrans I am excited for another success story for myself and Cooee and to have opportunities that have an immeasurably impact on me, personally and professionally.

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