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Best moment is yet to come!

Who would’ve thought that I am living the life I’m dreaming in the past? I didn’t know back then that at the age of 24, I could go to another country. The first time I heard the news from our CEO Kris Buckham, my heart couldn’t stop jumping because I was so excited.

At first, I was just so excited to see the tourist spots in Australia. But when I went to the client office on the first day, I realized that this trip was very meaningful.

I was able to see the people behind the emails. Not only that, I also had a chance to interact and engage with them. My impression of them really changed. I saw how much they care for Team Manila by assuring us we are comfortable while we are with them.

There are also a lot of meetings that made me understand the client side more – the purpose and the goal that I didn’t know in the past. It helped me understand why I am doing what I am doing and that I am part of the team. We have goals and it will really do come true if we help each other. Of course, fun will always come. Aside from the meetings with our client, we also had a chance to bond with them.

The most memorable moment was my last friday with them. We prepared a simple “Filipino Program”, we brought Filipino food such as Langka (jackfruit), Dried Mangoes and Polvoron (a type of shortbread made of flour, sugar, milk, and nuts) and of course, we played games that are made popular by filipino noontime shows such as Hep Hep Hooray, Tagalog tongue twisters and Pinoy Henyo.

We are so happy to see them enjoying the games, especially the “Hep Hep Hooray”. All of them are so competitive! We are so happy that they really cooperated and spent time with us.I also wanted to appreciate the girls I have been with for the past 2 weeks in Australia. I am so happy that I went there with a great squad. We had a lot of fun while traveling, staying in the hotel and eating in different places. Our bond is so tight that we even created our own taglines. Some examples “Pinoy yern” and “Elen Eleven”. I really loved how we took care of and looked for each other. How we supported each other.

Lastly, I want to share how beautiful Australia is. The tourist spots that I was only seeing in pictures were now in front of me. People themselves are also beautiful, they are all kind and always smiling. It gives us good vibes. If you ask me what I miss in AU, my answer will be Chai Latte and their COFFEE! Their coffees are so good and worth buying. All in all, this trip was really a great experience.

When I got home, the first thing I said was “It looks like It’s just a dream”. And I hope this will not be my first and last trip to Australia. Kudos Team!

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