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Coaching for Success: A Tale of Transformation from Coach and Coachee

“Coaching has really changed me by helping me understand myself better, set clear goals, and figure out practical ways to grow. It keeps me motivated, improves how I make decisions and makes me feel more confident. Overall, coaching is guiding me towards a better version of myself that I can stick with.” (Efraim Espino).

It has always been a culture in COOEE to guide each employee to their path of transformation and to help them seek their sole purpose of why they do what they do. In my and Ef’s coaching relationship, it is slightly more than that - a coach learned from his coachee, and a coachee discovered more about himself because of their coaching sessions.

  After more or less two years of having our coaching sessions, I and Efraim found the perfect formula for finding the most effective way to attain transformation. The first one was the commitment, followed by consistency and evaluation. It has been a roller coaster ride experience for Ef as he witnessed his sunset and sunrise in COOEE. Thanks to his commitment to our coaching conversations, these ups and downs did not affect his mindset toward transformation but rather made him more eager to achieve his optimal self. 

I would also like to commend his consistency that kept his flame of passion burning and the evaluation we are doing every time our session starts and ends to keep on track to see if the planned actions were effective or not.

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