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Cooee-chella: Bridging Virtual Bonds to Real-Life Connections

Cooee-chella was an event in which Cooee employees, both on-site and working from home, gathered together to celebrate another successful year of Cooee's functioning and existence! While there was a certain disconnect from the virtual world to actual physical face-to-face interaction, it only proved that the bonds and connections we formed virtually could easily carry over to real life as well. The Cooeeck Connects, Cooee Connects, and other activities helped capture the general feeling and vibe of the others. Because Cooee employees practice the values of authenticity and empathy, through online means and the Recooee-nect event, the gap between people shortened. Seeing everyone's smiles, quirks, competitiveness during games, how much they enjoy eating, how their eyes brighten at the sight of the lake, how they laugh during jokes, among other things, revealed different sides of their humanity that you can only experience in person, and I'm glad I had the chance to witness these moments.

A personal highlight for me was when we were waiting for the others at the lobby, and Charles pulled up in one of those e-cars, asking us to join him in roaming around the premises. What seemed like an ordinary ride quickly turned into a fun little adventure. Other employees saw us and decided to ride along, quickly filling up the small e-car. The ride was short, but it was filled with laughter and smiles. Even employees we had never interacted with before joined us on that little ride. I never knew that social interaction could be so spontaneous and enjoyable.

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